Do Swedish Dishcloths smell bad like sponges?

Do Swedish Dishcloths smell bad like sponges?

April 21, 2019

Authentic SWEDEdishcloths are made from 70% wood pulp cellulose and 30% cotton.  The Wood Pulp is from 100% FSC sustainable forests.

Upon introducing the Wood Pulp Cellulose to liquid for the first time, you may detect a scent due to the inert properties of the Wood Pulp to liquid.  After an initial rinse with water, or soapy water that should disappear and no longer be present after use.

Why do sponges smell?  Sponges are made with petroleum based materials, they do not dry fast at all.  This makes them a breeding ground for bacteria, which, well, smells!  And can pose a health hazard through cross contamination when in contact with anything you wipe with them even after long periods of non-use.

Swedish Dishcloths are not only the Green cleaning solution, but the healthy cleaning cloth as well!