Swedish Dishcloth Set of 3 each Swedish Dishcloths with Mixed Vine Design


Swedish Dishcloth Mixed Wine - 3 PACK Product Description SWEDEdishcloths are made of wood pulp cellulose and cotton. The raw materials for manufacture are from 100% sustainable European sources. SWEDEdishcloths are ECO Friendly. Why? SWEDEdishcloths are reusable SWEDEdishcloths are machine washable SWEDEdishcloths are 100% Biodegradable SWEDEdishcloths are Compostable SWEDEdishcloths reduce landfill by replacing up to 20 rolls of conventional paper towels. SWEDEdishcloths are super absorbent. They are perfect for everyday use such as wiping counters, washing windows, absorbing spills on the floor and many other uses. SWEDEdishcloths absorb 20x their own weight! Care Instructions: SWEDEdishcloths can be washed in the top dishwasher rack SWEDEdishcloths can be washed in your laundry SWEDEdishcloths can be boiled SWEDEdishcloths can be microwaved For longest life, air dry your SWEDEdishcloth, never tumble dry in the laundry.

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